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Brunswick Central School District

With SEI’s assistance, Brunswick Central School District developed a $9.98 million capital project approved by District voters on February 28, 2017.

The first phase of the project included 36 maintenance and building concerns. Updates included critical systems such as heating and ventilation, replacing 25+-year old windows, roof work, communication systems, lighting, and safety.

The middle/high school kitchen and elementary school kitchen were renovated and updated. Expansion of the middle school cafeteria space to make a middle/high school cafeteria, allowing the high school cafeteria conversion into a multi-purpose learning area. Classroom renovations to science, art, and music rooms were also completed.

Project Cost

$9.98 Million

Completion Date

August 2020

Market Sector



Troy, NY

The 2nd phase of their Capital Project included the reconstruction and consolidation of inefficient food-service functions and a cafeteria addition within an existing courtyard. Energy efficiency, balancing aesthetics, and improving security with the replacement of exterior facade elements completed the project.