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Fostering creativity...
Fostering creativity...

At SEI we offer solutions to complex designs and figure out how to correctly deliver them to our clients while making sure all our designs are safe, inviting, and sustainable.

Since design is in the details, it requires a lot of concentration and teamwork throughout the company. For this reason, each of SEI’s locations offer a relaxed office atmosphere which fosters a sense of well-being, encourages creativity, and boosts productivity among employees. It creates a positive work environment that helps our staff feel valued, supported, and motivated to give their best effort each day.

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Interns & Mentors

We believe in fostering meaningful and long lasting experiences.

Our interns are exposed to a wide variety of tasks, take part in project team meetings, and routinely go on site visits. Other activities may include rendering work for upcoming projects, competitions, and community volunteer team events. Having an architect mentor plays a vital role in nurturing the next generation of architects by offering guidance, support, and knowledge to help interns grow both personally and professionally during their internship.



At SEI, we are continually recruiting top talent to join our award-winning team of architects & design professionals. Interested in an open position with us? Use this form to submit your resume, portfolio and other relevant files along with your contact information. Our team will review & be in touch to discuss.